It is our desire to be a church that continually makes a great commitment to the great commission and advances God’s Kingdom by loving people to life every single day.


We are goal-oriented and intentional about being a healthy family of Believers!

Our purpose for being an organized group of Believers is outlined in the following acrostic: FELLOWSHIP.

1. FOCUSED Missionally
2. ENGAGED Creatively
3. LOVE Radically
4. Help People LEARN Enthusiastically
6. Help People to WORSHIP Holistically
7. Help People to SHARE Generously
8. Help People to HONOR Biblically
9. INSPIRE Strategically
10. Help People to PRAY Powerfully

We aim…

TO BE A CHURCH where the hurting, depressed, discouraged, disappointed, despondent, broken, wounded, and those who are overwhelmed by the circumstances of life can find help, hope, love, forgiveness, counsel, and support.

TO BE A CHURCH that lives the Great Commandment and is active in the Great Commission – reaching out to the thousands of residents in the greater Pekin area.

TO BE A CHURCH that welcomes new members into our family and creates an environment of learning, laughing, and loving together in harmony.

TO BE A CHURCH that intentionally grows people SPIRITUALLY through various programs, ministries, focus groups, home groups, seminars, and retreats. We see a church that enables people to maximize their Christianity at home, work, school, and within their local community.

TO BE A CHURCH that provides an opportunity for every member of God’s family to be a minister by discovering their SHAPE (Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experience) and walking with them through a process that identifies a life-mission in God’s family.

TO BE A CHURCH where God is calling, equipping, and sending pastors, teachers, prophets, apostles, evangelists, and missionaries to serve in our city, state, nation, and world. We want to carry the gospel message, comfort the brokenhearted, and “proclaim freedom to the captives who will be set free” – Isaiah 61:1. We see a church that, because of our health and growth, will support sister churches at home and abroad-sending members on short-term missions trips.

TO BE A CHURCH with modern and attractive facilities at our main campus (1209 North Parkway) that will: 1) INCLUDE a multi-function worship center for hosting a variety of Christian events-church productions, concerts, comedians, and special conferences. 2) Facilities that will provide opportunities for life coaching, counseling, addiction recovery, and partnering with our community’s war on poverty, homelessness, and various social difficulties that are present in our city. 3) Facilities that will house a Day Center, where meals and social assistance will be available for the hurting, homeless, and broken. Providing effective ministry 24-7 for the WHOLE person-spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially!

We are a very blessed church!

Our church was established in 1924. The congregation grew and moved three times before settling into our current facility. We moved to our current location in 1974 (1209 North Parkway). We held another church in South Pekin for a short time.

In 2000, we purchased the former Elks Club building in downtown Pekin, to reach the Youth of Pekin through a youth center. It was sold in 2016 and we purchased the Old Knights of Columbus building at 715 N 11th St as a community center for our Café ministry and youth ministry.

In 2015, we changed our name to North Parkway Assembly of God.

Pastor Darin Shorey joined our church in February of 2015 and is currently serving as our lead pastor. During his time with us, we sold our outreach building on Sabella Street, bought the Knights of Columbus building on 11th street, and made many modifications to our facilities at 1209 North Parkway Drive.

Since our beginning, God has blessed us with some incredible pastors:

Darin L. Shorey 2015 – Current
David A. Carrington 2006 -2014
Quinn McKenzie 2000 -2006
Duane Moraine 1994 -2000
Gene Gilmore 1988 -1994
Darwin Heuser 1987-1988
Ronald A. Callahan 1972 -1987
Clarence E. Richeson 1950 -1972
Thomas Meade 1946 -1987
Robert Patrick Poland 1942 -1946
Ralph E. Price 1941-1942
Glenn Utley 1940 -1941
Hazel Reed and Evelyn Bertram 1939 -1940
Shannon Sanders 1934 -1939
Harry Stemme 1932
Mrs. Mabus 1932
Arthur S. McKinley 1928 -1931 / 1933 -1934