Fasting For Breakthrough (Expanding Our Influence)


Fasting For Breakthrough

Expanding Our Influence

Each January, our church enters into a season of fasting that lasts for twenty-one days. During the fast, we really dig into God’s Word to discover what He has to say about this subject. There is no doubt, fasting is the most overlooked and underestimated discipline in Christianity today This is the first of three messages preached in January (2018) on, “Fasting For Breakthrough!” Have you ever felt like your witness is falling short? Has it been a long time since someone who isn’t a Christian came up to you and asked you why you are so different? Joyful? Peaceful? Positive? And Kind? The John The Baptist Fast will help you to expand your witness! And, for those who feel like people are shutting you out because of your decision to be a genuine Christian, this message is also for you! The John The Baptist Fast is also for people who feel that the lifestyle you’ve chosen to live is causing you to be unpopular. God wants to increase your influence!